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So what is it all about this Mindfulness

    Most of us have heard of Mindfulness although we may not have a good understanding of what it is about. Here we will dispel some myths and set out the benefits and uses of mindfulness –some of which may surprise you. Firstly, let’s start with some of the things that mindfulness is not. […]

Do we need to judge on merit?

    Meritocracy; A word from Latin and Greek roots, a meritocracy vests power and recognition on those who have talents, are achievers, make an effort and win success. By contrast, if someone is not talented, successful and achieving then more and more they are seen by modern society as failures. Just as an elephant […]

For Those We Love

   We have all, at some time, lost someone dear to us. And losing a parent, husband, wife or child can be the hardest think in the world. And a funeral can be heartrendingly difficult. Many people have said to me they cannot begin to think what to say at the funeral of a loved […]

Living with Gratitude

  For many of us, worry can be ever present. Yet, living with worry and living with gratitude are opposites. If we can learn to live with gratitude, then we are choosing to reduce worry and stop making space for it in our lives. In essence gratitude is simple. It is setting aside a few […]