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Mastering a Positive Mental Attitude

A Positive Mental Attitude   Being positive, having that positive mental attitude or PMA sits at the heart of your perspective of life, the world around, your relationships and how you feel about yourself.  In a sense it is at the heart of most psychology practices and an essential for good emotional health. Great, I […]

Perils of Comparitis

    The way we see ourselves generally determines not only what makesus happy, but how happy we are. Today, I went for a walk in the forest. A path I had taken many times but always enjoyed. Sun was just peeking from behind the clouds, a slight breeze wafted, and my dizzy dog was […]

Clare’s Story part 1

This is part of a very special series of blogs. It is Clare’s story. Clare is just like you and me. An ordinary person living an ordinary life. Yet so unhappy that when I first met her, she felt all hope was gone. Let’s meet Clare. It was an ordinary day. Clare was standing in […]

The Circle that can help or harm

How the ‘thought circle’ that affects our lives can be acknowledged, and how we can use that process to improve our confidence, reduce anxiety or worry and more. Research and experience show that there is an innate thought driven circle that steers our actions and therefore determines the good or poor behaviors and choices that […]