About Ellie

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

I am so pleased you have stopped by my website.
I am Ellie and I want to get to know you and help you achieve your goals in life

My name is Ellie

I trained in Counselling and I am accredited in programmes offering cognitive behavioural therapy and hold a Diploma in Mindfulness Practice’

I worked with MIND the mental health charity and with those struggling with mental and emotional health issues.

My experience supporting women who are survivors of domestic abuse and my own past traumas mean I understand their pain.

The joy of seeing change in their lives is an inspiration to me and to developing this site to reach out to all women who could lead a better life.

Like you and so many of us I have experienced huge problems and setbacks in my life. There have been times when just everything has been wrong.

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Change in mindset

My turnaround time came through discovering the way our mindset, and our responses to situations are so important to living a full life. I was already trained as a counsellor, and I learned about beliefs that were holding me back, about how my thoughts were so important to how my life unfolded.

In time I brought all my learning together and designed the Evolve framework. I have also brought together a series of short guides and other tools to help you.

EVOLVE can give you a personal roadmap to Emotional Health, Confidence and Self Worth and Wellbeing.

You can choose to work through guides yourself, or to join a small carefully matched group with similar hopes and dreams. I can also work with you one to one if you prefer.

To read about EVOLVE click here.

Ellie’s Community is for all women whose lives could be empowered with belief and confidence in themselves.

Working with you to change your life

I would love to work with you so please do contact me however you prefer to use this website.

I change the lives of women who are missing out on life, or have been hurt, or felt pain to overcome self -doubt, lack of self- esteem and uncover the deep obstacles preventing them from living the life they deserve. I can help you gain confidence and create a life your own.

This is why I call the programme EVOLVE.

I hope to hear from you soon, so that you can start your own journey of discovery – loving and living life.


The Kindness Shop – Feel Good, Look Good

One more thing. I am passionate about bringing the keys to changing lives for the better for all of us. To do this, I have set up a small and select shop, not only for guides or tools but to help you look your best and feel more confident.

Surpluses from all sales are donated to help support women who have experienced trauma, emotional pain or abuse. Helping our sisters with Kindness.

Any cosmetics are those I and my friends use, and are not tested on animals. Being kind to yourself, kind to nature and our environment through shopping for goodness.

Feel Good, Look Good be Kind and treat yourself – you deserve it.

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I would love to hear from you

Please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you and help you in your journey with our community

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