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For Those We Love


 We have all, at some time, lost someone dear to us. And losing a parent, husband, wife or child can be the hardest think in the world.

And a funeral can be heartrendingly difficult.

Many people have said to me they cannot begin to think what to say at the funeral of a loved one.  Caught in grief, words do not come easily for many

My reply is always that if you speak from the heart, it doesn’t need to be perfect or well crafted. This is not a time to worry about such things.

So, today, I am sharing the poem I wrote for my own mother’s funeral.

It would get no good marks from my English teacher – that I know.

But it helped and meant something to me, and I believe, to others who shared that moment.

And yes, it was written without revision – straight from my heart.


If it helps anyone when they are thinking and coping with loss, here it is:


When I am gone, think of me fondly,

Remember my ways with kindness,

Look past the foibles, and the times we couldn’t agree

Remember me fondly.


When I am gone, don’t think too often

Remember to live your life

Reach for the stars, and live your own way

Don’t look back too often


When I am gone, smile at my name

Keep it safe in a memory

Tuck memories away, and hold them dear

but remember all the same,


When I am gone, think of me tenderly

Remember the sharing

The times we laughed or smiled, with no fraught words

But the best of yesterday


When I am gone, be sure that I’m waiting

Time is but nothing

At Rainbow bridge, the sun always shines,

There we’ll be waiting

Till we cross that bridge together, when we all are gone.


With love,   Ellie

© Ellie Appleton www.elliescommunity.com