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Reaching Out


At times women say to me that they feel trapped and alone.

Trapped by fear. Trapped by duty. Trapped by guilt. Trapped by lack of courage or confidence.

And that makes them feel alone, it makes any of us feel alone.

However it is expressed these are my sisters stuck in a relationship or situation where they cannot see any change.

I know that feeling, truly I do.

It can be a work environment; a narcissistic boss; a partner destroying self- confidence and self-belief; a relationship which is demanding, or unhelpful.

One which is harmful, even dangerous or abusive.

It can simply be feeling frustrated, disempowered and unable to live your own life.

So often these are my sisters who have been left with so little confidence and belief; they are simply stuck and life is hurting them.

Reaching out, in whatever way is possible is a first step. It is often the most important step anyone can take. And I am here, and listening.

Believing in yourself and finding the strong woman within, that inner core of strength takes time and we all need to feel able to reach out. You won’t find a vacuum, you will find kindness and support.

The most important thing is to make a start. As soon as you can.

And believe that you are not alone.

When Helen first contact Ellie’s Community she felt there was no hope. Life was stuck and she was stuck. Confidence and self-esteem had evaporated.  She first read about some experiences, read articles and looked at Guides and the resources.

For her, attending Evolve programme and allowing herself four days to find herself was the change she needed.  And it changed her life. I scarcely recognise the woman now, empowered and in control from the quiet person who would hardly speak.

Helen now lives her life on her terms, in control and knowing what her goals are and hwo she will get there.  She calls Evolve ‘life-changing’.

For others working through Guides and seeking help themselves has worked best.

But they all started by reaching out. Taking that important first step for themselves and realising they are not alone.

So try it. Allow yourself the support you deserve and reach out when things are hurting you.  Be Kind to yourself.

With love,


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