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Why You Should Plant your Apple Tree


Being positive creates confidence, and confidence breeds positivity.

It doesn’t take away challenges, it doesn’t mean life will be perfect.

But it sure helps you live life more fully with gratitude, joy and self- confidence.

Your self-esteem will be higher, and you will be able to face life’s obstacles without dissolving into negativity and despair.

In an earlier post I talked about how this works, and here I am giving a few tips.

Try to start by choosing one or two of the following to start practising. Bring them into you daily life until they become second nature.

What you are doing is rewiring your mind to see this as your normal reaction.


You can then adopt other techniques to build into your daily life. Small steps, but just these small changes over time can create big differences.

Try it, and then you can begin to understand why Martin Luther King said,

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree’   Martin Luther King.


Here are just a few suggestion to help set you on your way:

  • Find good things to focus on even if they are very small
  • Use inspirational quotes to motivate and encourage you
  • Start each day with positive affirmations
  • Avoid letting yourself getting dragged down into other people’s complaints
  • Make at least two people smile every day
  • Keep a Gratitude journal (see resources)
  • Focus on the present; don’t dwell on the past, it is done
  • Learn from failure and see it as a lesson not a disaster
  • Assume that the people around you have the best intentions
  • Show the world how resilient you are by staying positive when something does go wrong
  • Banish negative self-talk
  • Find the funny side of bad situations whenever you can
  • Surround yourself with positive people as friends or colleagues
  • Acknowledge and celebrate your successes



They won’t all come easily, and change does not happen overnight.

But persevere because only you can do this.

I am with you, encouraging you, and believing in you. Remember to check out resources and tips elsewhere and register for updates and information to support you here.

To a future of happy, positive and empowered living

With love,


‘Optimism refuses to believe that the road ends without options’   R H Schuller


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