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The One Advert you need to Believe

The One TV Advert you need to Believe



TV Adverts are not known for giving advice. Except one.

You can probably guess the one I mean.

It’s the one which ends with the line from Jennifer Aston to Beyonce and from Cindy Crawford to Rachel Weisz telling us

‘You’re worth it’

And you know what?  You are worth it.  You are unique and value, self-worth is YOU – just as you are.

Low self-worth is our enemy, it takes from us in every way and helps us to believe that we are every mistake, every failure, every time things go wrong – that these things are what defines us.

Wrong – it is our worth that defines us, Every one of us is good enough – just as we are.

Yet, we allow ourselves to believe that if life is not one of achievement, then we are failures and worthless.

We live in a world where we are conditioned to seek the approval of others.

Added to that, our society measures that value through wealth, possessions, status and popularity.  None of those things add or detract from our own inherent self worth.  

They are what they are – money, goods, a job title or someone who may be the life and soul of the party.

If we start by believing in our own self-worth then we start to create our lives and we start to build our confidence and self-esteem.

In other words we can change our lives.

If we can change negative thoughts we can change our lives. Not overnight and it won’t be easy if you have learned not to value yourself, but you can do this.

You have strength, beauty and goodness within you. You have worth. Believe it.


How often do we spend our lives seeking the approval of others, in order to feel ‘worthy’ or deserving.  And how often is that approval defined by success, wealth or power.

The important thing is to believe in your self for what you ARE not for what you HAVE.

‘I know my strengths, and my qualities, and I know my worth’

Try saying this out loud to yourself, several times each day. Repeat it aloud until your mind accepts it as truth. It won’t sound easy at first. It will need practice.  But you can change your life.

Use the affirmation above, and start to notice the kindness you show to others. Notice the times when you help someone.  Then apply these to yourself.

Be kind to yourself – because, you’re worth it.

You can find sources of support on this website or read some more posts or join our community and use my Guides to help you.

I am here for you to encourage, and cheer at your successes as you become the person you want to be with the life you love to live.


With love,